Jon Palmisciano


Hi, I'm Jon. I am a freelance software engineer and UI/UX designer.

I spend most of my time developing web applications, but my real passion is for desktop and server software. Right now, I am primarily interested in Go, Node.js, and Java, as well as the macOS and Linux operating systems.

I've also had a long-time interest in graphic design, which has recently expanded into UI design. Regarding both software and user interfaces, I believe that often times, less is more. I pay strong attention to detail, and focus on creating simple, but effective solutions to complex problems.

In my free time I like to produce music, a hobby I've had for many years. Occasionally I write about programming and similar topics on my blog. I also do all sorts freelance work, not just limited to the skills mentioned above. If you would like to work together, send me an email.